Sunday, November 27, 2011

Siang Ki Khaotom Pla @ Yaowarat, Bangkok

Cuisine: Chinese
Visited: 20 October 2011
Price: THB300 per person (what I paid for)
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: n.m. (kind of street food)
Value for money: 6/10
Services: n.m. (kind of street food)

Undeniable that this almost a century old store called "Siang Ki" at Yaowarat is one of the legend of rice in soup with fish (khaotom pla or fish gruel). This little place is located just in Soi Bamrung Rat, just about 100 meters down on the left hand side. The old ladies and gentlemen owners are always there to prepare and cook food themselves. Pricing may be a little high for gruel but it surely worth what you get. Just keep in mind that you will need to find parking space on the street in case of driving and it is rather difficult. We, hence, recommend you to take taxi.

Siang Ki Sign - ป้ายร้านเซี่ยงกี่

Siang Ki from Outside - หน้าร้านเซี่ยงกี่

Owners Preparing Dishes

Menu Board - ราคาอาหาร

We did try both with and without soup this time. Pomfret without Soup - เนื้อปลาจาระเม็ดแห้ง was really tremendous. Fish was really fresh and supremely tender. We love it ^^. By the way, this Pomfret without Soup had no rice, just pure fish. The other one was Khaotom with Pomfret and Fish Maw - ข้าวต้มปลาจาระเม็ดกับกระเพาะปลาสด. Highlight was fish maw that was just tender, smooth, and tasty. Addition of some soy bean paste gave really splendid taste. There are also fresh oyster available if you love it. We highly recommend this place.

Pomfret without Soup - เนื้อปลาจาระเม็ดแห้ง

Khaotom with Pomfret and Fish Maw - ข้าวต้มปลาจาระเม็ดกับกระเพาะปลาสด

Pomfret Meat - เนื้อปลาจาระเม็ด

Fish Maw - กระเพาะปลาสด

Oyster - หอยนางรม

Siang Ki Khaotom Pla @ Yaowarat, Bangkok
54 Soi Bamrung Rat
Yaowarat Road
Bangkok 10110

เซี่ยงกี่ ข้าวต้มปลา @ เยาวราช กรุงเทพ
54 ซอยบำรุงรัฐ
แขวงสัมพันธวงศ์ เขตสัมพันธวงศ์
กรุงเทพ 10100

Open Hours: 16:00 - 23:00 daily except last Sunday each month
Tel: +66 (0) 2224 3600, +66 (0) 86 882 3675

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