Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wonton BBQ Pork Noodle @ Soi Saint Louise 3, Bangkok

Cuisine: Chinese (Noodle)
Visited: 22 October 2011
Price: THB80 per person (what I paid for)
Food: 7/10
Atmosphere: n.m. (street food)
Value for money: 7/10
Services: n.m. (street food)

Those who are familiar with Soi Saint Louise area or Chan area of Bangkok would probably recognise this legend of noodle. This place has got no name. But do not worry, it is pretty to locate. This Wonton BBQ Pork Noodle shop is situated just around the entrance to Soi Sathon 11 (Soi Saint Louise 3) Yak 11. However, you will need to find somewhere along the street to park: recommend driving as it is rather difficult to reach this place via public transport. Many years back, it was the old guy of this place who was in charge of preparation and cooking but now he just supervise the new generation. 

Wonton BBQ Pork Noodle St Louise 3


Owner chopping BBQ pork

Looking on the menu board, you may probably think that it is rather expensive for a bowl of noodle in a shop on street. But what you really get is quite a large portion. We, this time, did have  Wonton Noodle without Soup - บะหมี่เกี๊ยวแห้ง, Wonton BBQ Pork Noodle without Soup - บะหมี่เกี๊ยวหมูแดงแห้ง, and Wonton Soup - เกี๊ยวน้ำ, all of which were THB45 per portion. They were all splendid. Big piece of wonton and great taste of bbq pork. The only let down was noodle that was a little oily, unlike one that used to be prepared by the old guy. Just keep in mind to tell them that not too oily, and you will be fine.

To us, we usually order just noodle with wonton and bbq pork and never go for crab meat as we felt that THB15 for a few pieces of crab meat does not add so much value to the dish. But personal taste though. ^^

Menu Board

Wonton Noodle without Soup (THB45)

Wonton and BBQ Pork Noodle without Soup (THB45)

Wonton Soup (THB45)

Wonton BBQ Pork Noodle @ Soi Saint Louise 3, Bangkok
181 Soi Saint Louise 3
Sathon Tai Road
Thung Wat Don, Sathon
Bangkok 10120

บะหมี่เกี๊ยวหมูแดง @ ซอยเซนต์หลุยส์ 3 กรุงเทพ
181 ซอยเซนต์หลุยส์ 3
แขวงทุ่งวัดดอน เขตสาทร
กรุงเทพ 10120

Open Hours: ~ 10:00 - 17:00 daily except Monday

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