Monday, June 13, 2011

Restaurant Pfefferschiff zu Sollheim @ Salzburg, Austria

Cuisine: Austrian
Price: EUR74.50 per person (what I paid for)
Visited: 8 April 2011
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10
Services: 9/10

This time we visited a lovely and lively gourmet restaurant in Salzburg which is run by Iris and Jurgen Vigne, Restaurant Pfefferschiff zu Sollheim. While Chef Jurgen is a michelin star awarded chef, Iris is a well recognised sommelier of Austria. The restaurant is around 10 minutes drive from centre of Salzburg, hence, driving or taxi will be appropriate. Restaurant Pfefferschiff is surely a memorable place with delicious food and friendly service, the best restaurant in Salzburg that worth a detour it is. Any chance to visit Salzburg, let the experience tells you how wonderful Restaurant Pfefferschiff is.

Restaurant Pfefferschiff zu Sollheim @ Salzburg Austria

The Menu Sign

Table Setting

Chef Jurgen Vigne

Basket of bread here came with 4 kinds of butter: Potato Cheese, Butter, Garlic Butter, and Radish Butter. They all were wonderful and drooling though they were not warm.

Basket of Bread

Butter Set: Potato Cheese, Butter, Garlic Butter, Radish Butter

We were then greeted with Amuse Bouche from the kitchen. Leek & Potato Soup with Marinated Beef was splendid. This was a non-cream base soup with refreshing scent that boosted our appetite. Marinated Beef was delightful and crisp (8/10). The other one was Avocado Cream with Fried Chicken. This dish looked rather typical with delicious, especially the creamy avocado sauce (7/10).

Leek & Potato Soup with Marinated Beef

Avocado Cream with Fried Chicken

Our actual course started with Young Roots in Combination: Cabbage - Cannelloni with Sweetbread, Kumquats and Macadamia Nuts, Beta Sweet Carrot - Fond with Perlsago, Couscous and Scallops, Radish - Stuffed with Rhubarb and Tandoori Chicken, and Beetroot - Sorbet with Tarragon and Apple-gingerale Pektin. This was a great platter of combination of meat dish and somewhat confectionery from roots that went well together. All of which had sweet and sour scent as base (7/10).
The other dish of appetiser was Lukewarm Pickled Salmon from the Alps with Papaya Relish, Emulsion of Cress and Foam of Cottage Cheese. In a pretty presentation, salmon was soft and mildly flavoured, while foam of cottage cheese was pleasant (8/10).

Young Roots in Combination

Lukewarm Pickled Salmon from the Alps

Spring Collection: Wild Garlic Soup with Ham Croissant Parsnip Soup with a Ragout of Crayfish and Fennel did not hit my point that much. Presumably that soups were always my favourite, however, ham croissant and ragout of crayfish and fennel were just ordinary. They were nice but not charming (6/10).

Spring Collection

We were then served with entremets of Sorbet - Shot from the Kitchen. This was lemon sorbet with mint jelly and watermelon shot. Good combination indeed, feeling of Summer that was refreshing (8/10).

Sorbet - Shot from the Kitchen

When it came to main course, we decided to have beef and lamb. Roasted Fillet of Beef with Potato Flan, Spring Leek and Cabbage was tasteful and savoury for both meat and vegetable. However, a more tender piece of beef would be perfect (7/10).
The other one was Saddle and Stuffed Breast of Lamb with Fried Melanzani and Young Garlic. This was really wonderful. Very tender and juicy meat of lamb. Melanzani was enjoyable (8/10).

Roasted Fillet of Beef with Potato Flan, Spring Leek and Cabbage

Saddle and Stuffed Breast of Lamb with Fried Melanzani and Young Garlic

To end our meal, Cheese from the Cheese Trolley was also served as a substitution for dessert if preferable. There were so many types of quality cheese to be chosen from. All of which were really great with home-made chutney. One of which I managed to remember was Brie with Truffle, which was amazing (8/10).

Cheese Trolley

Selection of Cheese and Chutney from the Trolley

The choice of dessert for the night was Mozart Dessert 2011 - Chocolate Soufflé with Pistachio and Marzipan Nougat Ice-cream. This was ordinary chocolate soufflé that was really delicate and well blended (7/10).

Mozart Dessert 2011

To end our meal, selection of Petit Fours was then served. All were nice: Strawberry Shake with Cheese, Praline of Rhubarb & White Chocolate and Bailey & Dark Chocolate, and Biscuits.

Petit Fours

Restaurant Pfefferschiff zu Sollheim @ Salzburg, Austria
Söllheim 3
5300 Hallwang bei
Salzburg, Austria

Open Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 06:00pm - 10:00pm and Saturday Lunch 12:00pm - 02:00pm
Tel+43 (0) 662 66 12 42

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