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Central Europe Cafe - Salzburg, Prague, Budapest

This would be the 2nd part of cafes review during my visit to Central Europe in which cafes are from Salzburg, Prague, and Budapest. 

Au Gourmand @ Prague, Czech Republic

Price: CZK100 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 3 April 2011
Atmosphere: 5/10
Services: 4/10

Au Gourmand is a lovely French patisserie in Prague with 2 branches. It was opened in 2001 as the first French patisserie and boulangerie in Prague. The shop serves ranges of food and bakery from delicatessen to bakery to sandwiches which are cooked and prepared with finest ingredients.  The decor is also lovely: Bohemian style supposedly.

Au Gourmand: Boulangerie

Charlotte Caramel & Chocolate had soft sponge as base with caramel filling in the middle layer and finished with chocolate mouse on top. An interesting piece of cake: not so sweet and gave wonderful touch (7/10).

Choux Chantilly is surely not one of the best I have had. Rather plain in flavour but light. Let down by choux that was too thick (4/10).

Charlotte Caramel & Chocolate

Choux Chantilly

Au Gourmand @ Prague, Czech Republic
Dlouhá 10,  Praha 1
Czech Republic

Open Hours: Monday - Friday 08:00am - 07:00pm, Saturday 08:30am - 07:00pm, and Sunday 09:00am - 07:00pm
Tel: +420 222 329 060

Kavarna Cafe @ Hotel Evropa, Prague, Czech Republic

Price: CZK130 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 4 April 2011
Atmosphere: 6/10
Services: 5/10

Kavarna Cafe @ Hotel Evropa has been in operation for more than 100 years and has kept its style of art nouveau architect since 1905. It was rather dark in the cafe giving Gothic atmosphere. Furnitures are in green tone, just like any other places in Prague. Spacing is rather large. The hotel is also located in the centre of Prague which is rather easy to pop by even on foot.

Kavarna Cafe - Hotel Evropa

The Menu of Kavarna Evropa

Chocolate Cake was ordinary. There was a touch of chocolate powder within the cake, perhaps did not blend so well (but what do I know). Not so sweet which was good (4/10).

Chocolate Cake

Helios Pancake with Vanilla and Chocolate Sauce, Peach, Banana and Whipped Cream was also normal to me (5/10).

Helios Pancake with Vanilla and Chocolate Sauce, Peach, Banana and Whipped Cream

Hot Chocolate was perhaps the best one we tried here. Thick texture but not so rich (6/10).

Cokolada - Hot Chocolate

Kavarna Cafe @ Hotel Evropa, Prague, Czech Republic
Václavské náměstí 25
110 00  Prague 1
Czech Republic

Open Hours: n.a.
Tel+420 224 215 387

Istvan Cukraszda @ Budapest, Hungary

Price: HUF600 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 5 April 2011
Atmosphere: 4/10
Services: 4/10

We, by chance, found this lovely cafe in Budapest during our trip. This is just a small cafe such that most of customers would purchase for take-away. Inside cafe is packed with cake and pastry stands leaving only narrow walking path. What surprise is the pricing of this cafe which is considerably sensible. Location wise is also great as it is only a few minutes walk from the parliament.

Istvan Cukraszda @ Budapest

Almas Pite Torta or Apple Pie may be just a pie packed with apple with cinnamon scent. Lovely piece with a cup of tea surely (6/10).
Becsi Kremes or Viennese Cream was like mille-fleur such that there were 2 pieces of puff on top and bottom with vanilla cream in the middle, splendid (6/10).

Almas Pite Torta

Becsi Kremes

Istvan Cukraszda @ Budapest, Hungary
Október 6. utca 17
1051 Budapest

Open Hours: Monday - Friday 09:00am - 07:00pm and Saturday - Sunday 10:00am - 07:00pm
Tel+36 (0) 1 331 3274 

Gerbeaud Cukraszda @ Budapest, Hungary

Price: HUF2,185 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 6 April 2011
Atmosphere: 7/10
Services: 5/10

This is indeed the most famous food chain in Budapest, Gerbeaud. We had a chance to visit the Gerbeaud Cukraszda for breakfast meal. I must admit that it may be one of the best in town but surely one of the most expensive cafe. The decor is grand and has kept its traditional style well. The dining hall is also large with huge outdoor seating. Everything here just look gorgeous. A very good place for breakfast indeed when there are not so many customers.

Gerbeaud Cafe @ Budapest

The Interior

The Menu

Croissant here was good in taste. Texture was light and fluffy. If it was warm, it would be much better (6/10)
Brioche was rather big. Again not warm but crisp on the outside and soft inside. There was also a hint of marmalade if I was not wrong (6/10).



Royal "Valrhona" Chocolate was fabulous. Nice looking piece of cake with delicious taste. It had chocolate wafer as base. Thick and rich chocolate taste of mousse on top. Light and well balance (7/10).
Dobos Torta had shuffling layers of sponge and chocolate with apricot jam to finish off. Rather crisp in overall (6/10).

Royal "Valrhona" Chocolate

Dobos Torta

Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream here at Gerbeaud was just a wow. Thick and rich with nice whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream

Gerbeaud Cukraszda @ Budapest, Hungary
Vörösmarty tér 7
1051 Budapest

Open Hours: 09:00am - 09:00pm daily
Tel+36 1 429 9000

Cafe Furst @ Salzburg, Austria

Price: EUR4.20 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 9 April 2011
Atmosphere: 4/10
Services: 2/10

Cafe Furst is the famous cafe in Salzburg which is well-known for its invention of Mozartkugel. This confectionery was established by Paul Furst more than a century ago and is located in the old town of Salzburg. Though pastry and cake here are rather nice, we were not impressed by its below standard services. Perhaps, the place is just too touristy. 

Cafe Furst @ Salzburg

Ambient within Cafe Furst

The Menu

Schaumrolle was really crisp with well balance filling and a hint of lemon (6/10).
Black Forest Cake was just a simple one but strong cherry flavour (5/10).


Black Forest Cake

Cafe Furst @ Salzburg, Austria
Brodgasse 13
5020 Salzburg

Open Hours: Monday - Saturday 08:00am - 08:00pm and Sunday 09:00am - 08:00pm for Winter, and  +1hr during Summer
Tel+43 (0) 662 843759

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