Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shodai Keisuke Ramen Champions @ Arena 10, Bangkok

Cuisine: Japanese (Ramen)
Price: THB240 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 15 January 2011
Food: 5/10
Atmosphere: 3/10
Value for money: 4/10
Service: 3/10
Overall: 4/10

Shodai Keisuke is 1 of 6 recently open Ramen Champions @ Arena 10, Bangkok (The same venue as Funky Villa Pub). Shodai Keisuke is famous for its special ramen soup, which is a blend of 7 kinds of miso and bamboo charcoal. The soup is black in colour and thick. The restaurant itself is decorated in a typical Japanese ramen shop with a self-payment machine at the front. There is also an open kitchen area for those who enjoy observing chef's cooking. This restaurant can accommodate no more than 20 customers at the same time. The advantage of this restaurant community is large parking space.

Self-payment Machine

First of the two dishes today was Tontoro Chashu Kuro Kiwami (Roasted Pork Ramen in Black Miso Soup). This is the famous dish at Shodai Keisuke. It was a combination of egg noodle in black miso soup topping with boiled egg, seaweed, roasted pork, ginger, and onion and spring onion. The flavour was thick, rich, and salty from miso. Chashu was definitely tender even low in fat. This dish really can be enjoyable but could also be indeed oily if having too much (7/10).

Tontoro Chashu Kuro Kiwami

Tontoro Chashu Kuro Kiwami (Showing Noodle)

Yuzu Shio Ramen (Ramen in Soup with Salt Base and Yuzu) was somewhat lighter than Tontoro Chashu Kuro Kiwami. It had pale and clear soup with hint of yuzu and medium-size wheat noodle. It was served with bamboo shoot, pork belly, seaweed, and spring onion. Although, the soup could be refreshing, it was too salty to my taste. Bamboo shoot was a little chewy and the pork had too much fat layer. This would suite those who do not like thick and rich flavour of miso base ramen (5/10).

Yuzu Shio Ramen
From my point of view, Shodai Keisuke, one of Ramen Champions at Arena 10 Thonglor, provides up to Japanese standard of Ramen. The taste, the atmosphere are just like those in Japan as well as authentic. However, I could feel that fillings are too little when comparing to the amount of noodle given: too small portion for meat and vegetable. Another downside is I could feel dry in my throat and mouth after the meal here:just suspicious for over-use in food flavouring additive or MSG (monosodium glutamate). Otherwise, this is a good ramen shop to try out or for a quick meal but not an exceptional one that would worth a return journey for tasting purpose indeed.

Shodai Keisuke, Ramen Champions @ Arena 10, Bangkok
Thonglor Soi 10 (Soi Sukhumvit 55)
Sukhumvit Road
N. Klongton, Wattana
Bangkok, 10110

ร้านโชได เคสุเะ ราเมนแชมป์เปี้ยน โครงการ Arena 10
ชอยทองหล่อ 10 ถนนสุขุมวิท
แขวงคลองตันเหนือ, เขตวัฒนา
กรุงเทพ, 10110


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