Monday, January 10, 2011

DaLong @ Future Mart Rama III, Bangkok

Cuisine: Chinese/Thai
Price THB125 per person (what I paid for)
Visited: 3 January 2011
Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 3/10
Value for money: 5/10
Service: 3/10
Overall: 4/10

DaLong is a friendly restaurant, which is specialised in beef and pork noodle, and is suitable for a quick meal. The restaurant itself is located on the ground floor of Future Mart Rama III. The decor is simple with many wooden tables for 4 people. DaLong also offers varieties of rice dishes.

Stewed noodle was indeed a great choice here. Even though beef meat was not so exceptional, stewed beef was tender and full flavour. Beef calf was also fantastic and tender but too thin. Despite the small size of beef ball and tendon ball, they were above the standard. For those who do not like noodles, try Assorted Beef without Soup, it is something special here.

Assorted Beef without Soup

Narrow Rice Noodle with Beef without Soup

Rice Noodle with Beef without Soup

Vermicelli with Beef without Soup

For noodle soup, the soup was great but not those of heavy and thick one. There was also hints of herb in the soup.

Assorted Beef in Soup

Vermicelli with Beef in Soup

Beef Tendon Ball in Soup

Chicken Cream Rice was surprisingly amazing. It was creamy, thick, and tender chicken. Something you cannot miss here at DaLong. Addition of a fried egg would make this dish 10 out of 10, otherwise 7/10.

Chicken Cream Rice

DaLong @ Future Mart Rama III, Bangkok
295 Rama III Road
Bang Khlo, Bang Kholaem
Bangkok 10120

ต้าหลง @ ฟิวเจอร์มาร์ท พระราม 3
295 ถนนพระราม 3
แขวงบางโคล่ เขตบางคอแหลม
กรุงเทพ 10120

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