Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Costes Restaurant @ Budapest, Hungary

Cuisine: International
Price: HUF14,280 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 6 April 2011
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for money: 7/10
Services: 9/10

Costes Restaurant is nicely decorated in a rather modern style, a bar like feeling with warm tone, that still maintains elegance and prestige. The restaurant may seem tiny at the first glance, however, it should comfortably hold more than 40 guests. But reservation is still recommended to avoid disappointment. I found that the service at Costes is really lovely: staffs are not just helpful but have senses of humour. 
Foods here are not quite traditional, they are uniquely created with precision: both presentation and choices of ingredient are well prepared to give fantastic gastronomic experience. There are also varieties of wine choice to be chosen at reasonable price for such kind of restaurant. Travelling here is also convenient: pretty close by underground Kalvin ter station else parking at the garage of Hotel Ibis adjacent to Costes Restaurant.

Before the start of our dinner, we were served with a selection of complementary from the kitchen. Gin Sherbet and Warm Foam was first to arrive. Sour in taste with sweet hint and could hardly feel the existence of spirit (6/10)
Next was Leek & Coconut Cream Soup, Marshmallow & Peanut, Caviar & Fennel Foam. Leek & Coconut Cream Soup was enjoyable but coconut scent overwhelm leek (7/10). Marshmallow & Peanut was sweet and crunchy: great but did not particularly meet my appetite (6/10). Caviar & Fennel Foam was just excellent: feather light and delightful (8/10).

Gin Sherbet and Warm Foam

Leek & Coconut Cream Soup, Marshmallow & Peanut, Caviar & Fennel Foam

Chestnut Cream, Foie Gras "Royal", Winter Vegetables had touchable texture of chestnut that was smooth. This was enhancing with light flavour of foie gras and crunchy vegetables (8/10).
The second choice of appetiser was Langoustine 3 Ways - Tartar, Roasted and in "Dashi". Pretty good dish of clear soup type: refreshing soup to combine with tenderness of roasted langoustine. Outstanding point was it was not too salty like other prawn base consomme (8/10).

Chesnut Cream, Foie Gras "Royal", Winter Vegetables

Langoustine 3 Ways - Tartar, Roasted and in "Dashi"

The following The Wood Pigeon Cooked in 2 Ways: The Breast with Sage and Pancetta, Poached then Roasted, and The Leg Confit in "Pastilla", which were both served with Creamed Savoy Cabbage Salmis Sauce, was wonderful. One was dumpling-like, which was crisp and cracked outside but really tender inside and not oily at all. The other was soft and juicy with thick sauce and went well with cabbage (8/10).
Another one was Halibut Filet, Lemons and Capers, Cauliflower Puree, Brown Butter Emulsion. Great taste with hint of lime but the filet was a little overcooked (7/10).

The Wood Pigeon Cooked in 2 Ways

Halibut Filet, Lemons and Capers, Cauliflower Puree, Brown Butter Emulsion

The last we ordered was Costes Dessert Plate, which was a selection of desserts of Costes made to share. This included 4 kinds of dessert. First one was Pear - Poire Belle Helene, which included combination of vanilla ice-cream in light flavour with poached pear: well made but normal (7/10).
Chocolate - Soft Chocolate, Textures of Peanuts, Black Sesame Tuile was good quality milk chocolate swirled with strong sesame in well decor: again did not find creativity in taste (7/10). 
Citrus - Orange Baba, Yuzu Parfait, Confit Kumquat, Lemon Cream was one of the best here. Complex taste from well combined ingredients and very tangy. The greatest part was the confit kumquat: smooth and soft (8/10).
Mojito and After Eight Cigar - Soft Chocolate, Textures of Peanuts, Black Sesame Tuile was well created with imagination but tasted rather abstract (6/10).

Our dinner then ended with Petit Fours of Orange Foam on top with Caramel, Candy Floss Truffle, Ginger Jelly, and Chocolate Coated Fig.

Costes Dessert Plate

Petit Fours

Costes is surely a creative and unique restaurant of Budapest. The price of dining here may not be cheaper than other places in Budapest but it definitely delivers a professional standard one. Unique food, both tasting and presentation, with excellent services such that every staffs are friendly,  helpful and playful. I would recommend anyone gives it a visit.

Costes Restaurant @ Budapest, Hungary
Raday utca 4.
Budapest 1092

Open Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12:00pm - 03:30pm for lunch and 06:30pm - 12:00am for dinner
Tel+36 (0) 1 219 0696 

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