Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jiro Raw Bar and Grill @ Hotel Manhattan Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15

Cuisine: Japanese (sushi)
Price: THB1900 per person without alcohol (what we paid for)
Visited: 29 July 2013
Food: 2/10
Atmosphere: 4/10
Value for money: 1/10
Services: 2/10

Recently, there have been so many sushi places newly opened in Bangkok including Jiro Raw Bar and Grill at Hotel Manhattan Bangkok. Having seen quite a number of review on internet, we didn't hesitate to give it a try. The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of Hotel Manhattan Bangkok in Soi Sukhumvit 15. So it is pretty easy to come here: driving or even BTS (Nana Station).

Walking into Jiro, you will notice decoration on the wall along the passage with comments from customers. The interior itself is not so particular touchy: simple decor with 10 seats sushi bar in the middle of the floor. Before visiting Jiro Raw Bar and Grill, we did some homework and had heard about its great sushi. However, the first impression (bad one) was the service. Staffs did seem to have knowledge at all as well as lack of proper training perhaps.

kind of cute restaurant sign

sushi counter for 10

First of the meal was Sushi Aburi Set (2/10). I did expect quite a lot from this place. But this 7 pieces set of sushi that costed us THB1,880 was a disappointment. Fillets were not so fresh and lack of natural scent and sweetness. Fortunately, there were aburi set, otherwise this could have been a disaster. The worst was engawa in the small clear glass. The fish was kind of soaky and tasteless. Come on!!!! This is not a franchise Japanese restaurant. Quality please.

Sushi Aburi Set (THB1,880)

salmon aburi

hamachi aburi

botan ebi

We then had Sashimi Set B (1/10). Good God!!!! At the price of THB1,700, I swear any other street food would be much much more enjoyable than this set of sashimi. Nothing were fresh, some even presented strong fishy smell. The nightmare was toro and akami which were still icy like they were just taken out of freezer. On that day the restaurant ran out of hamachi and they replaced with salmon for us without any notice: that was surely a bad service for this supposed to be high end sushi place. Beyond disappointment, I say.

The last was Sparky Roll (3/10). After two disaster in a row, finally we had something edible. Not spectacular but at least this dish filled our stomach.

Sashimi Set B (THB1,700)

Sparky Roll (THB480)

Well, not sure if we were there on a wrong day or something. We noticed that there were only other 2 tables other than us. Even it was a bad day for sushi, they should have noticed us giving a good ethic for restauranteur. Anyway, we will surely not be returning to this Jiro Raw Bar and Grill any more, unless it is a compulsory mission.

Jiro Raw Bar and Grill @ Hotel Manhattan Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15
13 Soi Sukhumvit 15
Sukhumvit Road
Khlong Toey Nuea, Wattana
Bangkok 10110

Open Hours: Mon - Thu 11:00am - 03:00pm for lunch and 05:00pm - 11:00pm for dinner, and Fri - Sun 11:00am - 11:00pm
Tel: +66 (0) 81 413 4411

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dominique Laurent Pommard Premier Cru Les Epenots 2000

Date of Tasting: 11 July 2013
Wine Type: Red
Grape Varieties: 100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol: 12.5%
Origin: Bourgogne, France
Appellation: Pommard Premier Cru, Cote de Beaune
Expect to Pay: ~ EUR60-90
Web: n.a.
Chubby Score: 86/100
Value for money: 2/10
Professional Rating: n.a.

Appearance: brownish red in medium tone
Aroma: sour cherry and spices
Palate: medium body style with sour taste of cherry, high in acidity, spicy and earthy, lengthy finish but sour and bitter dominant

Not so great for a bottle of Pommard at all. The life of this bottle is now fading. If you have some, consume now. Don't particularly like the sour taste of spiced fruit, though being smooth.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breakfast Buffet at The Restaurant @ Evason Hua Hin, Pranburi, Thailand

Cuisine: breakfast buffet (international)
Price: THB650 per person
Visited: 27 July 2013
Food: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for money: 8/10
Services: 7/10

Evason Hua Hin has always been a fantastic getaway destination at Pranburi, Thailand: so quiet and relax. Apart from the great atmosphere and surrounding as well as superb quality spa, breakfast at Evason Hua Hin is also one that is worth looking forward to. Customers of the resort do usually get breakfast included with the reservation package, otherwise it costs around THB650 per person.

The Restaurant is the main restaurant of Evason Hua Hin. It is rather big in an open-air style with both indoor and outdoor zones. At outdoor zone, the view of seaside can be clearly accessed. What I really like about having breakfast here, rather than going out to seek local food, is the the relax and comfortable ambient the venue provides: comfortable seats, friendly services, clean and fresh air, and delightful breakfast selection. Imagine a good quality breakfast where you can really spend your time with slow food and perhaps a novel to enjoy: perfect, I say.

The Restaurant

indoor seats

good view of sea at Pranburi

outdoor seat

For me, I like to start my day at Evason Hua Hin with selection of breads, in particular viennoiserie. Some good croissant with good butter and jams can be appreciated, otherwise chocolate croissant or almond croissant can be good substitutions here.

viennoiserie and danish

almond croissant

danish range

chocolate croissant


bread variety

jam choices

strawberry jam

After a few pieces of bread, having some protein is not a bad idea at all. I did try scramble egg and omelette together with some ham, cheese, and salad. I prefer to have scramble egg here as they seemed to cook omelette a little overcooked for my liking. If you prefer Thai style hot plate, then there is a noodle station for you.

hot plate station

noodle vs. western

bacon and sausages

egg station

chef cooking omelette

omelette with bacon

Wrapping up the first meal of the day with yoghurt is sure a good idea. I promise, your favourite choice of yoghurt here with any preferred nuts or cereal is such a great combination. Range of yoghurt here is rather wide: strawberry, blueberry, banana, mango, and etc. There is also fruite juice station with refreshing choice for breakfast such as orange juice, guava juice, carrot juice, and etc.

If you are vegetarian, then there is as well a vegetarian corner. So no worry.

Well, this is really a delightful hotel buffet breakfast. Not many hotels that really serve good breakfast but here is one. Check it out if you have chance. Bon Appetit.

yoghurt station

nuts and dried fruits

combination example

juice choices

milk range

vegetarian corner

tropical fruits

Breakfast Buffet at The Restaurant @ Evason Hua Hin, Pranburi, Thailand
9 Moo 5 Paknampran Beach
Prachuap Khirikhan 77220

Open Hours: all day from 7am

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Massolino Dolcetto d'Alba 2011

Date of Tasting: 18 June 2013
Wine Type: Red
Grape Varieties: 100% dolcetto
Alcohol: 14.0%
Origin: Piedmont, Italy
Appellation: Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC)
Expect to Pay: THB700 - 1,000 (retail price in Thailand)
Chubby Score: 87/100
Value for money: 6/10
Professional Rating: WA - 89/100, WS - 90/100

Appearance: bright red
Aroma: so much of cherry perfume
Palate: classic sweet but yet sour flavour of cherry across the palate, medium bodied texture, acidity somewhat dominants but clean. Warm and rich aftertaste.

This is a wine to enjoy for the impatient. Not one of the best for collection but enough to be enjoyable.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Patisserie and Chocolaterie Bigot @ Amboise, France

Cuisine: French Food, Pastry, Chocolate
Price: EUR10 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 1-5 May 2013
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Value for money: 9/10
Services: 9/10

Bigot is an old patisserie that is located just right next to Chateau d'Amboise in a small town of Amboise along the Loire river. During my visit to Loire Valley, my party and I almost everyday had our breakfast at Bigot. Needless to say how fantastic this place is.

Bigot @ Amboise

simply classic setting

Bigot may not be such a big franchise such as Pierre Herme or Laduree and is still run by family but the quality is of high standard. At its 100 year of birth this year, this should prove enough of its quality. Services are as well splendid, staffs are friendly especially the lady owner, Christiane Mason, who are so lovely and adorable.


cake selection

pastry choices

I will not go into detail of each piece I tried but the picture should speak for itself well enough. Pastry are nice, Viennoiseries are crisp and yummy, and what I really like was hot chocolate which is smooth and creamy. Well, I highly recommend you to have a chill breakfast or relax afternoon tea at this place if you happen to be around Amboise.


fruit tart

strawberry mille feuille

chocolat chantilly

chocolat de Grand-Mere

strawberry cake

pistachio cake

chocolat a l'ancienne

mushroom omelette

inside mushroom omelette

Patisserie and Chocolaterie Bigot @ Amboise, France
2 Rue Nationale
37400 Amboise

Open Hours: Tue - Fri from 09:00am - 07:30pm and Sat - Sun from 08:30am - 07:30pm
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