Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mixo Bar @ Hotel Sofitel So Bangkok, North Sathon Road - มิกโซ บาร์ @ โรงแรมโซฟิเทล โซ แบงค์คอก ถนนสาทรเหนือ

Cuisine: Bar
Charged Price: THB580 per person without alcohol
Visited: 15 April 2015
Food: 3/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for money: 5/10
Services: 6/10
Scale: [1=poor ---- 5=average/standard ---- 10=outstanding/exceptional]

Let's make it brief for this review of afternoon tea at Mixo Bar at Hotel Sofitel So Bangkok. First of all, the location is super convenient. Of course, it is right at the junction where Sathon Road and Rama IV Road intersect. There is a MRT station (Lumphini) right at the junction. Mixo Bar is on floor 9 of Sofitel So. It offers a stunning view of Lumphini Park. If you are going to visit Mixo Bar, especially of low tea, make sure you ask for window seats. As for the ambient, it is more like a modern kind of theme. However, it is spacious with high ceiling which makes the place comfortable. I would say that it is a rather decent place to meet up with clients for afternoon business discussion or even chitchatting among friends.

Mixo Bar @ Hotel Sofitel So Bangkok

the view overlooking Lumphini Park

(petite) afternoon tea set at Mixo Bar

As of early 2015, the price of an afternoon tea set (3/10) for 1 person is THB495++. Not so bad for the pricing. Nevertheless, the overall impression was not so great for me. What you would get in the set comprises of tiny pieces of sandwiches, pastries, and free flow choices of tea, coffee, or soft beverage. On the day of my visit, sandwiches were ham sandwich, tuna sandwich, cucumber sandwich, prosciutto and vegetable sandwich, and smoked salmon bagel. These sandwiches were dry. I suspect that they had been prepared in advance and left exposing to air. It would be great if these sandwiches are prepared just when ordered.

As for tea and coffee, tea range seemed to be a better choice. I ordered cafe latte to try and it was a standard machine brewed one: forget the barista. Tea quality was ok but not great, with approx. 20 choices to be chosen from but mostly those aromatic and non-milk based tea. There are only a few milk based black tea.

Ham Sandwich (top) and Tuna Sandwich (bottom)

Cucumber Sandwich (bottom ones)

Prosciutto and Vegetable Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Bagel

just swirling sugar in tea (^w^)

For the pastry range, there were fruit scones which were not quite scones for me, raspberry macaron was a fine one, green tea madeleine was not really my choice of madeleine at all, chocolate eclair had too thick pastry, chocolate tartelette also came with thick part of tart, and opera cake was kind of thick and dry texture. Disappointment really for pastry range. I would think that high end hotel like Sofitel So should be able to an afternoon tea a more worthwhile for their guests. Indeed, there is nothing to argue about the atmosphere and the view. Only if delicacy of food would compliment the experience better. Wish to see improvement of Mixo Bar.

Fruit Scones

jams by Bonne Maman

Raspberry Macaron

Green Tea Madeleine and Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate Tartelette and Opera Cake

Mixo Bar @ Hotel Sofitel So Bangkok, North Sathon Road - มิกโซ บาร์ @ โรงแรมโซฟิเทล โซ แบงค์คอก ถนนสาทรเหนือ
2 North Sathon Road
Bang Rak
Bangkok 10500

Open Hours: daily from 08:00am - 01:00am (02:30pm - 05:30pm for afternoon tea)

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