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Le Boeuf @ Marriott Executive Apartments Mayfair, Bangkok - เลอ โบฟ @ แมริออท เอ็กเซ็กคูทีฟ อพาร์ทเมนท์ เมย์แฟร์ กรุงเทพฯ

Cuisine: Steak and Fries
Charged Price: THB1,200 per person
Visited: 27 April 2015
Food: 5/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Value for money: 5/10
Services: 5/10
Scale: [1=poor ---- 5=average/standard ---- 10=outstanding/exceptional]

From March 2015, Bangkokians do no more have to fly all the way to Paris or Geneva to have a steak-frites meal at the famous "Le Relais de l'Entrecote". Here, Le Boeuf, in Soi Lang Suan claims to have offered the very same divine herbaceous buttery sauce. David Perrot of Crepes and Co. has converted the previous Limoncello, which is located right in front of Marriott Executive Apartments Mayfair, into a Parisian bistro joint.

The concept of Le Boeuf is simply "just one great dish all day, every day". There are a few selection of starters but only a choice of main course: entrecote. In case you do not take beef, there are also two other choices to be chosen from: lamb (THB740) and salmon (THB880). As for the place, it is indeed a kind of bistro atmosphere located in the heart of Bangkok. Travelling here via public transport is not easy. The closest BTS station is Chidlom Station which is almost a kilometre away. But you can always grab a taxi or motorbike from the station. If you drive, you can park at Marriott Executive Apartments Mayfair conveniently.

Le Boeuf at Marriott Executive Apartments Mayfair, Bangkok

Le Boeuf sign

bistro kind of atmosphere

As mentioned, there are only a few choices of starter at the time of our visit and they are all terrine dishes. We did try Rillettes de Porc (6/10) or simply pork kind of terrine. It was smooth and flavourful, but not strongly pungent, which was nice with toast and some pickles. For Entrecote Steak (5/10), it came with walnuts green salad and french fries which is refillable. I believe the steak was sirloin of Tasmanian beef. The quality of beef was decent. However, the tedious part was preparation by the kitchen team. We had ordered medium-rare and medium and they turned be all medium towards medium-well. As for the Sauce Cafe de Paris, the herbal aroma and creamy texture were delightful. The down point was saltiness. I felt it was too salty to my liking. Even with french fries, I could still feel over seasoning in the sauce.

To end the meal, we did also try Tartelette Citron (5/10). It was not bad for a non-specialised shop on pastry. The tart was kind of too soft but the creamy citrus filling was smooth and not too sweet. If the abundance of citrus flavour was more, it would be much better in my opinion.

For this place, Le Boeuf, it is not the very looking forward kind of place but it is good to experience, especially if you had tried the one from Le Relais de l'Entrecote before. Nevertheless, the pricing of entrecote is not ridiculously expensive. It is not a bad choice at all to visit from time to time.

Rillettes de Porc (THB295)

bread basket

Entrecote Steak (THB680 per person)

Tartelette Citron (THB240)

square cut of tartelette citron

Le Boeuf @ Marriott Executive Apartments Mayfair, Bangkok - เลอ โบฟ @ แมริออท เอ็กเซ็กคูทีฟ อพาร์ทเมนท์ เมย์แฟร์ กรุงเทพฯ
Floor G, Marriott Executive Apartments Mayfair
60 Soi Lang Suan
Lumphini, Pathum Wan
Bangkok 10330

Open Hours: daily from 11:30am - 11:00pm
Tel: +66 (0) 2652 0207, +66 (0) 9 3971 8081

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