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Basil @ Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Cuisine: Thai
Price: THB750 per person without alcohol (what we paid for)
Visited: 6 December 2013
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for money: 9/10
Services: 8/10

People always say that Thai restaurant at hotels is always one of the worst, else only made for foreigners. Well, it is a different story at Basil @ Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. Not only the food is wonderful, services are also at high standard just as its neighbour Rossini's. All staffs are so helpful and friendly. Expectation on good recommendation to your taste can be met. As for atmosphere, the place itself has been established to present a rather modern style of Thai decor. The dimmed light gives a more warming touch (can be a choice for dating too). Anyway, the overall impression is a warm touch. As for myself, I am sure a regular at Basil so I would recommend any of you to give it a go. Unless you are those who thrive for strong and spicy taste, then you may forget about this place. It is more elegant and herbal style.

basil, it is

entrance of Basil

atmosphere and interior

Upon arrival we were served with amuse bouche which was Miang Kham - เมี่ยงคำ (8/10). In case you are not sure what Miang Kham is, Miang Kham is a northern Thai traditional snack with often shallots, ginger, garlic, lime, roasted coconut, roasted peanut, and palm syrup wrapped with chaphlu (piper sarmentosum). This was wonderful indeed: as good as ones from those famous shops.

Another great point here is the range of boiled rice. There are 3 choices available: jasmine rice, lemongrass scented rice, and brown rice. So I didn't hesitate to go for all options, though personally I am one who falls in love with brown rice. To start off our meal, we had moo thord takrai nga khao - หมูทอดตะไคร้งาข้าว (7/10). This is simply deep-fried marinated pork loin with white sesame and served with crispy lemongrass. I do like the tenderness and juicy flavourful loin. The alongside sauces comprise of 2 kinds which are sweet but balance. It was indeed a good start up for a meal.

amuse bouche with Miang Kham - เมี่ยงคำ

ready to be eaten Miang Kham

3 variety of rice available

moo thord takrai nga khao - หมูทอดตะไคร้งาข้าว (THB350)

Now moving on to seafood dishes (for good health ^_^). All four seafood dishes we had during the night were fabulous.

choo chee pla salmon - ฉู่ฉี่ปลาแซลมอน (7/10): This pan-fried salmon in red curry sauce was not bad at all. Not that spicy but filled with herbal touch. The red curry was mild and the fillet texture was perfectly cooked.

phad poh taek - ผัดโป๊ะแตก (8/10): Often that sauteed seafood with lemongrass and herbs are not my enticing dish. But poh taek at Basil is at an interesting pace. The dish came with seafood range, such as scallop, soft shell crab, prawn, and etc., in spicy sauce but such spiciness was from herbs, not chilli. I was sure enjoy the dish.

mok pla salmon - หมกปลาแซลมอน (6/10): I, at first, believed it was some kind of Hor Mok (steamed curry custard) but I sure was wrong. It was instead steamed salmon with chilli paste and without curry. Well, it may not be one of the best dish but enjoyable.

pla kapong sauce sam rod - ปลากระพงซอส 3 รส (9/10): This is one of my most favourite dish at Basil. The seabass in sweet and sour with chilli sauce was so balance. The sweetness, the saltiness, and the hot and spicy weighted out each other. Nothing over powering. The fillet was fried till crisp but inside texture was preserved with moist and tenderness. This is one that cannot be missed.

mok pla salmon - หมกปลาแซลมอน (THB480)

phad poh taek - ผัดโป๊ะแตก (THB620)

choo chee pla salmon - ฉู่ฉี่ปลาแซลมอน (THB540)

pla kapong sauce sam rod - ปลากระพงซอส 3 รส (THB670)

For curry/soup dishes, I went for mussaman gae - มัสมั่นแกะ (9/10) and tom kha gai - ต้มข่าไก่ (7/10). For mussaman gae, it is lamb curry with peanut base and the unique beauty of caraway. It is one of my favourite Thai dish of all time. It went amazingly well with boiled rice. To have this dish, it is perfect with rice so you must must must have rice along with it. The flavour was packed with herbs and rich. The texture was thick but smooth. Just the aroma was already irresistible. Highly recommend dish. Tom kha gai, on the other hand, is a famous Thai soup with coconut galangal as the main players. The plus point is the way it was cooked such that the fat was not broken out of coconut milk. Personally, a bit more of galangal and lime would make this a simple perfect dish.

mussaman gae - มัสมั่นแกะ (THB460)

lamb and potato from the curry

tom kha gai - ต้มข่าไก่ (THB540)

zoom up to chicken

Basil @ Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok
Floor 1 Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit
250 Sukhumvit Road
Khlong Toei Nuea
Bangkok 10110

Open Hours: lunch from 12:00pm - 02:30pm Mon-Fri and dinner from 06:00pm - 10:30pm daily

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