Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sushi Tanabe (鮨 田なべ) @ Sapporo, Japan

Cuisine: Japanese (sushi)
Price: JPY13,000 per person without alcohol (what Penguin Junior paid for)
Visited: 11 April 2013
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for money: 9/10
Services: 10/10

During SongKran holiday of Thailand, Penguin Junior  had got a chance to visit Sapporo, Japan (without both Deadly Bunny and Chubby Penguin of course T.T"). Indeed, Penguin Junior gave a visit to one of the best sushi place in Sapporo, "Sushi Tanabe". He mentioned that the place is small (but larger than standard sushi bar) and one would not notice its existence of being 3 Michelin Stars restaurant if not known before. The sushi counter can accommodate around 12 customers only, the rests are just a few typical tables. Chefs, including the owner and master chef Masashi Watanabe, would show their skills at the counter. Unlike other michelin sushi places, Sushi Tanabe comprises of a few skilled chefs instead of the master chef runs the whole place alone. However, the experience of Penguin Junior was skill tremendous.

Here, you can choose to have either a la carte menu or Omakase Course. Without hesitation, Penguin Junior went straight for the large Omakase Course which includes starter, 5 kinds of sashimi, grilled dish, 12 kinds of sushi, and dessert. For sashimi, it was described as being fabulous, particularly the octopus which looks really normal and nothing special but amazingly tender: must be octopus from heaven, he swore!!!!

starter of seaweed, sea snail, and mini octopus

Hokkaido crab

Hirame or Halibut ?????? (not sure, sorry)

Tsubugai or Snake Shell

Tako or Octopus

Sake or Salmon with a touch of seaweed

Grilled Scallop and Shirao 

a closer look to scallop

For sushi, almost all kind of sushi were served: clam, white fish, red fish, roe, eel, and egg. Penguin Junior said that the best went to Engawa. He has never seen something like this engawa before. Otherwise, all were splendid.

Hokkigai or Surf Clam

Squid or Ika

Sayuri or Sardine

Amaebi or Sweet Shrimp

Aji or Horse Mackerel

Engawa or Flounder

Akami or Red Tuna

Ikura or Salmon Roe

Negi Toro or Minced Fatty Tuna

Uni or Sea Urchin

Anano or Conger Eel

Tamago or Omelette

To end the meal, 2 desserts were served: Creme Brulee and Strawberry Sherbet with Orange. The ice-cream was magnificent. It just washed away all scents in the mouth: falling in love with it, he described.

Well, this place, Sushi Tanabe, seems to be one of the place I have to give a particular visit soon. All look pleasantly and delightfully yummilicious. (><)"

Creme Brulee

Strawberry Sherbet with Orange

Sushi Tanabe (鮨 田なべ) @ Sapporo, Japan
New Blue Nile Bldg 2F
West 3 South 5, Chuo-Ku
Sapporo, Hokkaido
064-0805, Japan

札幌市中央区南5条西3丁目 ニューブルーナイルビル2F

Open Hours: Mon - Sat 05:00pm - 10:00pm
Tel: +81 (0) 11 520 2202


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