Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Podere Forte Wine Dinner @ Enoteca Italiana Bangkok

Cuisine: Italian
Charged Price: THB3,500 per person
Visited: 21 April 2015
Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for money: 5/10
Services: 6/10
Scale: [1=poor ---- 5=average/standard ---- 10=outstanding/exceptional]

It's another night of wine dinner and again at Enoteca Italiana Bangkok. It had been Valdicava wine dinner back in November 2014 and this time was Podere Forte wine dinner. The night started with Champagne from Larmandier-Bernier as aperitif, followed by Petruccino, Petrucci, and finished with vertical of Guardiavigna 2008 - 2010. They were all fantastic and delightful. Here are brief notes:

Champagne Larmandier-Bernier Latitude NV (91/100): Excellent champagne with good qpr. At the price around EUR30 a bottle, it's awesome. This is Blanc de Blancs aka chardonnay. Larmandier-Bernier Latitude is an example of pure and elegant style. It is creamy and it is full. But yet complexity and smoothness lie within. Aroma of pear, anise, and orchard. Full on the palate with minerality, lemon, and stone. Mild honey and almond. Lovely aperitif to enjoy within a few years of release. (~ EUR30)

Podere Forte Petruccino 2012 (90/100): This is a lovely sangiovese-merlot blend (70:30). It is drinking beautifully now. Exhibit cherry and raspberry flavour. Mild spices and mint on the secondary note. Attractive aroma of red fruits and floral. Fine finish. Medium-full structure. Modern. (~ EUR30)

Podere Forte Petrucci 2010 (95/100): It's WOTN for me. Still a little young but accessible. Sexy bouquet of cherry and raspberry jumped out aggressively followed by flowers and spices. Savoury sangiovese fruits on the palate. Medium bodied and fine tannins. Outstanding texture and acidity integrated well. Gentleman of the night, it was. 100% Sangiovese. (~ EUR100)

Podere Forte Guardiavigna 2008 (93/100), 2009 (92/100), 2010 (94/100): Guardiavigna is bordeaux blend with cabernet franc and merlot as the key grapes and petit verdot as the final touch. Three of them were nice but presented totally different characters. In common, they showed bouquet of cassis, black currants, eucalyptus, spices, and hint of tobacco and earth. All of them have full structure with oakiness especially 2009 vintage which was broodingly chewy too. To me, 2010 vintage is more of finesse and elegant, whilst 2009 vintage is about power and muscle. As for 2008 vintage, it might not be as as beauty as vintage 2010 but the opulent style of 2008 clicked with my sense more. These are fine wines but they come with some price tag as well. (~ EUR80)

Champagne Larmandier-Bernier Latitude NV

Podere Forte Petruccino 2012

Podere Forte Petrucci 2010

Podere Forte Guardiavigna 2008

Podere Forte Guardiavigna 2009

Podere Forte Guardiavigna 2010

Podere Forte Wine Dinner @ Enoteca Italiana Bangkok
39 Soi Sukhumvit 27
Sukhumvit Road
Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana
Bangkok 10110

Open Hours: daily from 06:00pm - midnight

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