Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ristorante Silvio @ Bellagio, Como, Italy

Cuisine: Italian
Price: EUR33 per person (what we paid for)
Visited: 5 October 2014
Food: 7/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10
Services: 6/10
Scale: [1=poor ---- 5=average/standard ---- 10=outstanding/exceptional]

Bellagio is without doubt a very beautiful small town in the Province of Como. Being so famous does of course come with difficulty to spot non-tourist kind of restaurants. We were no exception and were in the search of good restaurant. At the time of our visit, I have to say we were lucky enough to discover this fabulous restaurant which is just a few kilometres from the centre of Bellagio. It is Ristorante Silvio which is a part of hotel Albergo Silvio.

Ristorante Silvio is located right by Lake Como on the West side of Bellagio and facing Tremezzo. The dining room is spacious with around 20 tables. There are also outdoor seats for al fresco dining on a good weather day too. In fact, windows in the dining can be lifted down which is splendid. At the time of our arrival, there were only a few tables around but the place was packed with local within 30 minutes. At this point, we were at least sure that we had been in the right restaurant.

Ristorante Silvio @ Bellagio, Como, Italy

moderate size dining room at the time of opening

It was crowded when we walked out

alfresco here at Ristorante Silvio should be fabulous too

nice view from the dining room

Ristorante Silvio is well-known for its fish dish and local cuisine. It is believed that fish are caught fresh daily here. Scanning through the menu, it is parted into 4 main sections as usual: starter, first course, second course, and dessert. Unsurprisingly, most of dishes are fish menu. Pricing was the surprise, it is kept in line with most of local restaurants and we would say that it is a good value accounting its location and quality. For wine list, it is ranged from table wine to the high end side. The list is not extensive but at its modest choice. for me, Corvo Bianco 2013 from Sicily did its job pretty nicely with fish dishes. The fruity aroma character with crispiness did the job rather well. This is a decent table wine definitely.

the menu

rather nice bread

Corvo Bianco Terre Siciliane IGT 2013

a nice corner with greet

For us, the first two dishes were Homemade Stuffed Ravioli with Savetta Fish and Butter (8/10) and Homemade Tagliolini with Fresh Lake Fish Ragout (8/10). The ravioli was excellent. Texture was great. I just love the word al dente really. It is a word that comes with deliciousness. The filling was smooth fish mousse. Cooked with butter, herbs, and topped with sage. Delicacy in local style, it is. For tagliolini with fish ragout, this was somewhat strange. I normally would see ragout of lamb or beef. But it was fish in such a case. Just by looking, you would not believe it was fish. Having tasted, I still hardly think it was fish. Hardly any trace of fishy scent. This is a fabulous ragout dish in Silvio style. A must try dish, I would say.

Homemade Stuffed Ravioli with Savetta Fish and Butter (EUR9)

Homemade Tagliolini with Fresh Lake Fish Ragout (EUR8.5)

For the main courses, the first one was Fried Pike with Onion Cream (6/10). An enjoyable fish dish with a little firm texture of pike pairing with savoury onion cream and lemon. I would not say this dish is as wow as those aforementioned pastas but still a good one to enjoy. The second one was Boneless Grilled Lavarello (7/10). Lavarello is a local lake fish. The texture was low in fattiness. Firm but not hard. Somewhat thin fillet. This was fresh and delicious. Simple grilled fish with lemon was sure enough and satisfy. For both dishes, there were potatoes and zucchini along side to accompany.

Well, we have to say that we really this restaurant. Nice view. Good food. Good wine. Not overly priced. What else should I demand more???????

Fried Pike with Onion Cream (EUR17)

Boneless Grilled Lavarello (EUR16)

Ristorante Silvio @ Bellagio, Como, Italy
12 Via Carcano
Como 22021

Open Hours: daily from 12:30pm for lunch and from 07:30pm for dinner

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