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Luk Yu Tea House @ Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong - 陸羽茶室 @ 中環士丹利街香港

Cuisine: Chinese / Cantonese (Dim Sum)
Price: HKD100 per person without alcohol (what we paid for)
Visited: 12 July 2014
Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Value for money: 5/10
Services: 5/10
Scale: [1=poor ---- 5=average/standard ---- 10=outstanding/exceptional]

Thinking of trying high end dim sum with elegant and classic ambient, Luk Yu Tea House may just be the answer for you. Luk Yu is located on Stanley Street in Central district of Hong Kong and is pretty close to Yat Lok, the superb roasted goose. Luk Yu can be rather busy daily through out the whole morning. Make sure of reservation if you are thinking to go. When we were there, it was not so busy and we were seated on the first floor. The thing about Luk Yu, as we have heard, is that the higher floor you go up, the less class it is: i.e. ground floor is the most elegant and classic in style and with more polite staff (if I understand correctly).

What I like about Luk Yu is the way they have kept the traditional style of serving: staffs come with a tray of various dim sum choices to be chosen. This is a place where traditional style is served with much less noise that other places. However, this elegant and classic thing does come at a price. Expect to pay up to HKD200 a head for a proper dim sum breakfast. The thing I noticed is there was not many tourists here and many who visit this place are seemed to be those wealthy end of the class.

Luk Yu Tea House @ Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong

rather elegant looking entrance

old fashion dim sum serving method

Staffs here do not speak very good English. However, do not worry much about your ordering. Ask for English menu, from then you can compare with what they have in the tray. One to be noticed is served tea. It is not just the typical jasmine tea or oolong tea. Tea served here is Pu Erh Tea which is a famous dark tea mainly from Yunnan province of China. This has its distinct aroma and flavour as well as is well known for its good for health (suppress cholesterol if I was correct).

Pu Erh Tea (HKD32 per person)

menu in Chinese

menu in English

Here is the range of what we had for the light breakfast: 1) tofu sheet dumpling, 2) steamed garoupa roll, 3) Chinese mushroom and chicken meat in glutinous rice, 4) fresh shrimp dumpling, and 5) steamed barbecued pork bun. All were at average kind of taste. Nothing is so delicious in particular. The one that I may suggest is Chinese mushroom and chicken meat in glutinous rice. I did enjoy this dish at some level. It is not the wow kind of delicious, I repeat. However, I felt that the flavour of stuffing was balance and the chewy texture of the glutinous rice dough was delightful.

The bill came around HKD100 per head for this light breakfast which was expensive for what we got from my view. Nevertheless, I did enjoy experiencing the ambient here. For the last point, I would just like to briefly mention about the service. When we were there, staffs were quite nice and polite. However, we have heard some rumours about the impoliteness of staffs at Luk Yu. Perhaps we were there on a good mood day of their staffs (^.^).

tofu sheet dumpling????

steamed garoupa roll, if I was correct (HKD50)

stuffing of the roll

Chinese mushroom and chicken meat in glutinous rice (HKD98)

fresh shrimp dumpling (HKD42)

steamed barbecued pork bun (HKD42)

stuffing of the bun

Luk Yu Tea House @ Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong - 陸羽茶室 @ 中環士丹利街香港
24-26 Stanley Street
Hong Kong

Open Hours: daily 07:00am - 09:00pm
Tel: +852 2523 5463-5

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