Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Reflexions @ Plaza Athenee Bangkok

Cuisine: French
Price: THB2,600 per person without alcohol (what we paid for)
Visited: 25 November 2013
Food: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for money: 7/10
Services: 9/10

Often that we give The Reflexions at Plaza Athenee Bangkok a visit, this latest visit was also another exceptional one. Once again that I had to take all photos with mobile phone as this was another unexpected review. Many occasions, the services and atmosphere here are always at the top range and this time was friendly as usual.

At the moment, the head chef of The Reflexions is Chef Daniel Bucher, a talented chef who succeeds Chef Thibault Chiumenti (who now looks after the overall picture of restaurants at Plaza Athenee Bangkok) about a year ago. Menus have been adapted largely from my previous review but at equal quality and taste. See links below for my previous review of The Reflexions:

At that night, I also felt like having a bottle of Burgundy to accompany. I chose Domaine Faiveley Mazis-Chambertin 2002 to go along. Unfortunately, there was surely something wrong with this bottle of mine. The acidity was weirdly high and sharp. There was no fruit aroma. Really sad that a suppose to be good bottle turned flaw (T.T)"

bread and butter

Faiveley Mazis Chambertin 2002

As for the start, we were served with seared tuna on hot stone (7/10). This is simply an aromatic piece of lightly grilled tuna to go with fresh spring. The next small portion of starter by Chef Daniel to come along was foie gras with parsnip and lime (8/10). Ok, I like this dish a lot. The parsnip was so smooth. Lime and foie gras balanced out each other. Of course, foie gras was so soft and fatty. Never mind the health and just enjoy it.

seared tuna on hot stone

foie gras with parsnip and lime

foie gras act 2 ^^

For our first courses, we decided to have portabello and truffle cream soup (8/10) and pink trout tartar with tapioca, apple, and sour cream (8/10). For the soup, we often had this as the starter and it has never let us down. It was so smooth and aromatic. The texture was not too thick but creamy. So much of flavours were packed within. For pink trout tartar, this was in fact my first time to give it a go. The dish came in a rather surprising presentation. In the picture below, you can see that there is something like a red lollipop on the right hand side, and that is the sour cream....yes, it is sour cream. The trick of this dish is to have a bit of everything in one bite: trout tartar, apple, apple chutney, and sour cream. I promise it was a nice one to try.

portabello and truffle cream soup (THB450)

pink trout tartar with tapioca, apple, and sour cream (THB600)

After the first courses, a small portion of middle course and entremets were followed. The middle course was scallop and fennel (7/10). The scallop was grilled just to lightly enough on the outside to be somewhat crisp but still maintained its natural tenderness. The quality of the scallop of great; sweet and fresh. The alongside fennel was naturally sweet and the pea sauce balanced out the overall palate. For entremets, this time was lime and nutmeg sorbet (8/10). The unique aroma of nutmeg just paired well with lime. A good one to clean up the palate to be ready for main courses.

scallop and fennel

lime and nutmeg sorbet

As for main courses, there were sole and St. Michel blue mussel with cauliflower with caviar (6/10) and Challans duck sous vide with orange, fennel, and peach (7/10). We would usually like the seafood dish at The Reflexions a lot, especially the lobster dish. However, the sole at this occasion was somewhat tough and perhaps cooked a little too long. Nevertheless, the squid ink sauce did match nicely with the sole, mussel, as well as cauliflower. The duck, on the other side, was really tender on the texture. I love the way that duck is paired with fresh spring and peach. The mousse like texture of orange on top of duck can be new to many. We would usually get used to the orange sauce in other places. Well, this dish is rather creative and savoury from my view.

All in all, this was another pleasant dinner at The Reflexions. We love the way the restaurant keeps its standard rather consistently.

sole and St. Michel blue mussel with cauliflower and caviar (THB1,300)

Challans duck sous vide with orange, fennel, and peach (THB1,500)

The Reflexions @ Plaza Athenee Bangkok
3rd Floor Hotel Plaza Athenee
61 Wireless Road
Lumpini, Pathumwan
Bangkok, 10330

Open Hours: Mon-Sat from 06:00pm - 11:00pm for dinner

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