Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Water Library @ Chamchuri Square, Bangkok, Thailand

Cuisine: French
Price: THB1,600 per person (what we paid for)
Visited: 31 August 2013
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Value for money: 9/10
Services: 9/10

With Water Library @ Chamchuri Square, this is my second review of the restaurant after the splendid experience with Juan Amador at Water Library back in late March. Water Library has been maintaining its delicacy and top class service. Staffs were really attentive, polite, and knowledgeable. At this occasion, we were at Water Library Chamchuri for lunch in which lunch menu is served daily. You can have choices of 2 courses at THB890 or 3 courses at THB950. Both come with a selection of coffee or tea to end the meal.

To pair with the food, I also let Mr. Manop, the restaurant manager, chose a glass of wine to go along each course and he did not disappoint me at all. Unfortunate, I enjoyed too much such that I forgot to jot down the wine choices. (T.T)" Before the meal started, we of course were serviced with two choices of classic bread at Water Library: French croissant and manitoba. Absolutely delicious. Good bread and butter can already bring me to heaven.

Water Library Chamchuri Square

French Croissant

Manitoba with Truffle Butter

My choice of starter was home made tofu with foie gras - shiitake emulsion, bonito and leek (8/10). A gorgeous hors-d'oeuvre with the character of East meets West it was. What a match between smooth and tender tofu with tasty creamy foie gras sauce. The on top shiitake, bonito and leek gave the third dimension of aromas. I want more of this. This menu paired really well with lightly sweet touch of Kabinett riesling from Germany.

home made tofu with foie gras - shiitake emulsion, bonito and leek

For main course, tenderloin of Yarra Valley lamb with eggplant, roasted nuts and lamb jus (7/10) was an excellent compliment with a glass of cabernet sauvignon. The lamb tenderloin was tender and well cooked. Lamb jus was tasty and flavourful. Roasted nuts did not just bring out aroma and scent, also a more complex dimension of texture. The sweet apple puree (I think ~.~) balanced the whole picture. If lamb could be more tender (though already so tender), this could be one fine fine dish.

tenderloin of Yarra Valley lamb with eggplant, roasted nuts and lamb jus

Fine selection of French cheese (7/10) before dessert is sure my pleasure. I love the condiments that matched really nicely with these soft cheeses. The plus point is condiments were not overly sweet and when paired along with a glass of port, the magic did its trick. The best one was honey from personal perspective. Honey smoothen and soften the strong and thick cheese. Perfect.

For dessert, I had apple tart tatin with vanilla bean ice cream (8/10). What a simply delicious classic dessert it was. Silky smooth vanilla ice cream to balance the caramelised thick chuck of soft apple. Puff pastry was fluffy with beautiful touch. Just another glass of dessert wine did its job perfectly. A must order classic apple tart indeed.

fine French cheese selection

apple tart tatin with vanilla bean ice cream

Ending the course with a good cup of coffee latte was delightful. It was a satisfy Saturday lunch meal for us. If one would ask a place for good French food in Bangkok, Water Library Chamchuri Square is one for you to try. For me, I should just find more free time to visit this place more often. Bon Appetit!!!!

fine coffee latte

Water Library @ Chamchuri Square, Bangkok, Thailand
2nd Floor Chamchuri Square
Rama 4 Road
Bangkok 10330

Open Hours11:30am - 02:00pm for lunch and 06:00pm - 10:30pm for dinner daily 

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