Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preecha Seafood (ปรีชาซีฟู้ด) @ Pattaya / Jomthien / Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand

Cuisine: Thai food / seafood
Price: THB450 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 16 June 2013
Food: 5/10
Atmosphere: 3/10
Value for money: 3/10
Services: 2/10

For us, Pattaya does not seem to be a destination that we often give a visit. On an occasion, we happened to give a friend at Chonburi a visit. We, thus, wished to find a seafood restaurant for our lunch. After several recommendations, we decided to give Preecha Seafood a go. This place seems to be a popular destination also. The place was full with customers even with non-long holiday, and without booking it could be a disaster.

This place is pretty large (suitable for big group definitely) and situated right next to a beach. So pretty much chill with sea wind. It is located not so far from the centre of Pattaya, approx. 10 km. The menu here comprises of typical seafood dishes as in many other restaurants around: from prawn to crab to squid to shell and sea fish.

We did order 3 dishes in total for the meal: stir-fried squid with salted egg (THB150, 4/10), stir-fried hard clam with sweet basil (THB250, 3/10), and fried mantis shrimp (THB900 for 0.5 kg., 2/10). 

Perhaps, I had expected with the quality and taste of food here too much, the meal turned out to be a bad experience for us. Squid with salted egg was just cold and squid had no texture. Clam with sweet basil was tasteless. The worst was fried mantis shrimp which was supposed to be the star and highly recommended dish of Preecha Seafood. Yet, it was just chewy and so difficult to eat. The size of mantis shrimp was not big at all too. Additionally, it tasted too salty. Well, I could find better seafood place than this in Bangkok. Price of mantis shrimp is also expensive: THB1,800 per kg.

Well, this is sure not so memorable for us. We would not recommend this place to anyone really or perhaps we just visited Preecha Seafood on a bad day. I rather go fishing and cook myself, rather than going all the way back to this restaurant. Anyway, give it a try yourself as we could be wrong.

ปลาหมึกผัดไข่เค็ม - stir-fried squid with salted egg

หอยตลับผัดโหระพา - stir-fried hard clam with sweet basil

กั้งแก้วผัดพริกเกลือ - fried mantis shrimp

Preecha Seafood (ปรีชาซีฟู้ด) @ Pattaya / Jomthien / Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand
200/9 Moo 4
Soi Na Jomthien 28
Na Jomthien Road
Na Jomthien, Sattahip
Chonburi 20250

Open Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm daily
Tel: +66 (0) 38 709 439-40

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