Monday, October 3, 2011

Somsak: Baked Vermicelli with Crab & Prawn @ Charoen Rat Road, Bangkok

Cuisine: Chinese
Visited: 1 October 2011
Price: THB260 per person (what I paid for)
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: n.m. (street food)
Value for money: 9/10
Services: n.m. (street food)

Baked Prawn or Crab with Vermicelli may be something that sounds simple and can be found anywhere. But a great one is surely difficult to find. Somsak @ Charoen Rat Road has been selling deliciously taste and looking Baked Prawn and Crab with Vermicelli for over 20 years. The street food shop is located just by the entrance to Soi Charoen Rat 1. It can be easily spotted with bright stall front of Somsak along with tables that are always packed with customers. Indeed, something nice always comes with compensation, either price or something else. In this case, price is not so painful but queueing can be terribly awful. Somsak does not take reservation of table but you may call to order in advance so you do not have to wait for your food long after being seated. Those who do not want to wait can also order take away or delivery: Somsak uses nearby motorcycle taxi as a mean of delivery. Hence, it does not matter where you are in Bangkok, your food can be delivered as long as you are willing to pay a little extra for the delivery.

Stall Front of Somsak

More than 10 tables that are always packed

Good size of crab

Fresh looking prawns

Sign of Soi Charoen Rat 1

It also enjoyable to watch such efficient process of cooking of Somsak. There will be 1 person chopping crabs into pieces and another guy to lay them in pots. From then Mr. Somsak will season and prepare each dish himself before heat them over a stove.

Mr. Somsak in food preparation

Crabs being chopped

Dishes ready to be cooked

4 stoves only, hence, be patient

First to come may not be a signature dish but as well great. It was Baked Mussels. Each mussel may not be a big size one but fresh. It was tasty and savoury with hint herbs, including holy basil. This one is good as a starter (7/10).

Baked Mussels

Chilli Sauce

The famous Baked Crab or Prawn with Vermicelli was just as good as the rumour has said. Vermicelli was soft but presented chewiness at the same time. Taste just right, neither too salty nor too sweet. Both crab and prawn were fresh. Crab could be easily eaten as the shell had been smashed. Aroma of herbs were all around. This is a really great simple dish (9/10).

Baked Vermicelli with Crab

Crab - can now be easily eaten

Baked Prawn with Vermicelli

Fresh baked prawns

Somsak: Baked Vermicelli with Crab & Prawn @ Charoen Rat Road, Bangkok
Charoen Rat Road (at the entrance of Soi Charoen Rat 1)
Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San
Bangkok 10600

สมศักดิ์: ปู กุ้งอบวุ้นเส้น @ ถนนเจริญรัถ กรุงเทพ
ถนนเจริญรัถ (บริเวณปากทางเข้าซอยเจริญรัถ 1)
แขวงคลองต้นไทร เขตคลองสาน
กรุงเทพ 10600

Open Hours: 05:00pm - 11:00pm Tuesday - Sunday
Tel: +66 (0) 81 823 9706

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