Thursday, August 4, 2011

Xin Tian Di @ Crowne Plaza, Bangkok

Cuisine: Chinese
Price: THB800 per person (what I paid for)
Visited: 31 July 2011
Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Value for money: 5/10
Services: 6/10

During past weekend we happened to have a chance to visit Xin Tian Di @ Crowne Plaza with our family for dim sum lunch. Just to bear in mind that Crowne Plaza Bangkok was formerly known as Pan Pacific Bangkok. This Chinese restaurant is located on 22nd floor and is decorated in Chinese style (of course) and perhaps a little old fashion. We were actually recommended by our family's friend that this restaurant is famous for its Prawn with Wasabi Cream Sauce. Hesitation was definitely neglected and we came straight to try out. 

On the service side, staffs here were pretty friendly, polite, and helpful but may lack some knowledge but not a big deal though. For those who do not know where about Crowne Plaza Bangkok is, it is on Rama IV road and right next to BTS and MRT Silom station. Hence, it is pretty surely easy to find.

Xin Tian Di @ Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park

22nd floor it is!!!

The Atmosphere

Let us started off with Baked Char Sui in Pastry. This did taste good and well balance. Loads of filling of char sui. Pastry texture was crisp but thinner would be more appreciated (6/10).

Baked Char Sui in Pastry - พายหมูแดง

Deep-fried Taro Filled with Roasted Pork is another of our favourite choice. The taste was right, sweetness from taro and salty taste of roasted pork to combine, but smoother texture of fill would be better (5/10). 

Deep-fried Taro Filled with Roasted Pork - เผือกทอดไส้หมูแดง

Pan-fried Turnip Pudding was ok. Rather soft in texture and tasted just like many other places. Not a big fan of this though (4/10).

Pan-fried Turnip Pudding - ขนมผักกาดทอด

To have dim sum without all time famous Shui Mai (5/10) and Har Kow (5/10) is probably wrong. Shui Mai, in contrast, was a little better than Har Kow here. As Har Kow had rather thick flour skin and size of prawn was not so big. Shui Mai on the other hand was a little tough but tastier.

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (Shui Mai) - ขนมจึบกุ้ง

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (Har Kow) - ฮะเก๋า

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao here was not one of the best in town surely. Thick skin and not so juicy and flavourful filling (4/10).

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao - ซิวหลงเปา เซี่ยงไฮ้

Next was Steamed Rice Flour Tubes with Roasted Pork. This one was delightful. Thin and soft rice flour tubes with tasteful roasted pork with sauce that was sweet and salty. Really enjoy this one (7/10).

Steamed Rice Flour Tubes with Roasted Pork - ก๋วยเตี๋ยวหลอดหมูแดง

Steamed Sweetened Cream Bun was just as expected. Just another cream bun with sweet tasty filling. Nothing special but always enjoyable (5/10).

Steamed Sweetened Cream Bun - ซาลาเปาไส้ครีม

Prawn with Cream Wasabi Sauce, the signature dish of Xin Tian Di, did its job rather well. Definitely a great one to try out but do not expect something amazing. Great texture of prawn and crisp on the outside with juiciness in its taste. Creamy with hint of spice of wasabi. Another enjoyable dish (7/10).

Prawn with Cream Wasabi Sauce - กุ้งทอดวาซาบิครีมซอส

The last dish of this meal was Home-made Tofu. The tofu was well fried and had soft texture. The coupling sauce was wonderful with hint of chilli oil, not spicy though. We love this one the most for this meal (7/10).

Home-made Tofu - เต้าหู้ทอดทำมือ

We did also have Pio Cesare, Moscato D'Asti 2008 to go with the meal. Not so bad at all, loving it actually. Delicate with sweetness (lychee sense) and light floral note. ^^

Pio Cesare, Moscato D'Asti 2008 ^^

Xin Tian Di @ Crowne Plaza, Bangkok
22nd Floor Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park
952 Rama IV Road
Suriyawong, Bang Rak
Bangkok 10500

ซินเทียนตี้ @ คราวน์พลาซ่า กรุงเทพ
ชั้น 22 โรงแรมคราวน์พลาซ่า
952 ถนนพระราม 4
แขวงสุริยวงศ์ เขตบางรัก
กรุงเทพ 10500

Open Hours: 11:30am - 02:30pm for lunch and 06:00pm - 10:30pm for dinner
Tel: +66 (0) 2632 9000

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