Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chatterbox @ Mandarin Orchard Singapore

Cuisine: Chinese
Price: SGD32 per person without alcohol (what I paid for)
Visited: 29 May 2011
Food: 6/10
Atmosphere: 5/10
Value for money: 2/10
Services: 5/10

As we were in Singapore for a short period, we ought to find a place for the best Hainanese Chicken Rice which is famous in Singapore. We had been recommended to try Chatterbox which is situated on 5th floor of Mandarin Orchard Singapore. First of all, I must say that it was pretty hard to find where it is about. Secondly, the price was wow.....SGD27 for a signature set of chicken rice: you must be kidding me. I would have got that for less than THB100 in Thailand for the amount. Ok, let forget about the price and not so friendly services and go straight to the food.

Chatterbox @ Mandarin Orchard Singapore

The Atmosphere

Story of the Legend

Good thing about Mandarin Chicken Rice was well cooked rice. It was jasmine rice and well cooked rice allowed them be identified piece by piece giving good texture and fragrant. Chicken was surely tender. I kind of like the dipping set, especially the ginger one. It was definitely an enjoyable set of chicken rice but how wonderful would you expect from just chicken rice though (6/10).

Mandarin Chicken Rice (top view)

Mandarin Chicken Rice (side view)

Surprisingly, we did see lots of takeaway too. Just wonder how would it taste when this chicken rice has been prepared and stored for sometime, would it still present the taste of legend. Indeed this is a very place for chicken rice, may be just a try but not a return journey.

Takeaway Set

Chatterbox @ Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Mandarin Orchard Singapore
333 Orchard Road
238867 Singapore

Open Hours: 10:00am - 01:00am for Sunday - Thursday and 10:00am - 02:00am for Friday and Saturday
Tel: +65 (0) 6831 6288

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